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Bingocams is the most fun bingo game online! You can play free bingo, chat and cam all at the same time and for free! There is always a chat host present via live chat or cam. The most fun bingo room in the Netherlands. In every round you can win a lot of bingo and casino jackpots!

  • - 100% Dutch bingo.
  • - Paly live online bingo with your friends!
  • - No download and inlay directly.
  • - Put you cam on and chat with other bingo players.
  • - Win the biggest Bingo Jackpot with only one bingo cart


  • Play with bingo cams and you will have the best time! The Dutch bingo website is already a big hit. In the mean time there are already 10 bingo rooms and every bingo room has its own jackpot. Every week you can win a big jackpot in one of the rooms.

    Payments are easy with your mobile phone, IDEAL or with your debetcard. The rookie rooms are the bingo rooms for beginners and you can already play with 0,05 cents. Because of this, these rooms are always occupied. The more expensive bingo rooms are less occupied, in these rooms you can play from 0,10 cents. There are also bingo carts to play with for 0,25, 0,50 and 1,00 euro.

    Bingo cams uses the newest systems available on the interent what makes it very interactive. You will experience the real life bingo playing. Free online bingo playing is never been that realistic. As a beginner you can always start with free bingo playing, because you will receive a bingo cart to the value of 2 euro when you register.

    Play live bingo directly and experience the real life bingo. Bingo cams will be a pioneer in online entertainment.

    Playing bingo with you webcam and chatting at the same time is now possible at the most fun bingo website of the Netherlands. Who plays online bingo? The bingo players of Bingo Cams are of alle ages, ranging from 18 years to 65 years old. Do not worry that you are too old or too young for this online game, but do make sure you are at least 18 years old.

    While playing online bingo you can get a full card, this means you are the winner of the price in that round. Is your webcam online at that moment? Then we record a live moment of you winning the round and we share this with other players.
    The website and use the newest software available.
    Good luck!